matts-photo-biz for Herocards!

Small 12inches $25
Medium 24 inches $60
Large 48inches $85

Picture with the frame
Non Glare Photo Glass, Metal Frame Black, White or Chrome, Mat Board for flush finish, Non rattle hardware, Glossy or Matte Finish

Metalliac Finish second price listed
16x20 - Picture w/frame
20x30 - Picture w/frame
24x36 - Picture w/frame
30x40 - Picture w/frame

Cropping - Please let me know. I would love to sit and edit every picture on here, If you are interested, please let me know and i will touch them up for you! Thanks and sorry for any inconvience.

Please email me with picture gallery, album name and picture number. Once payment is recieved items will be shipped. If you have any questions feel free to email or call.

Michigan Traditional Sprints, Ionia Free Fair, Electrik Toyz, Owosso Kart Speedway, Weddings and much much more!

Contact Information:
(C) - 616-498-1960
(H) - 616-527-3470

Checks Payable To:
Matt Dickinson
929 Southview Dr
Ionia, MI 48846